Direct Support Professionals

If you or a loved one experience IDD and qualify for a K Plan in the State of Oregon, your assessed hours can be used to hire a Direct Support Professional (DSP) to work on the goals outlined in your Individual Support Plan (ISP). Through our personalized placement process, The Arc Jackson County will work to find the right fit for you.

Client Intake

What is a DSP?

A direct support professional is someone who works one-on-one with an individual who experiences an intellectual and/or developmental disability (IDD) in order to teach skills around independence, health and safety . Our DSPs work together with individuals to meet goals outlined within Individual Support Plans (ISP).  The goal is to assist individuals in living a life they desire.

What does a DSP do?

Individuals who experience IDD and have K Plan Services through DDS are continuously learning skills based on goals outlined on their Individual Support Plan (ISP) and sometimes require assistance with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs).  DSPs support individuals by teaching skills related to ISP goals and ADLs.



DSP's help individuals...

Develop social skills and form meaningful connections

Access the community for preferred activities (bowling, hiking, science works, the library, parks etc.)

Assist with meal preparation

Personal hygiene (teach skills around oral hygiene, laundry, menstruation, toileting etc.)

Accompany individuals to and from appointments, activities and social gatherings. *These activities cannot overlap with state or federally funded activities such as school* 

Advocate with and for the individual they are serving

Keep individuals safe, healthy and happy

Do you or a loved one have a K Plan through the State of Oregon

If so, you can use your assessed hours to hire a DSP of your choice. Fill out the following  intake form to get started.
Hiring a Direct Support Professional allows an individual to learn skills that allow them to gain more independence, make meaningful connections and become greater integrated in the community.

Watch “Toby’s Story” below for a great testimony from one of the families we serve.