Lifespan Respite

Are you caring for a child, an adult, or a senior with special needs?

  • Millions of Americans care for seniors or persons with special needs.
  • Having a break of just a few hours or days can be a lifesaver.
  • Respite care rejuvenates the spirit.
  • It enables families to have renewed patience and enjoyment of the person for whom they care.
  • Respite strengthens the ability of families and primary caregivers to continue providing care in the home.
  • Occasional relief supports family stability and well-being by reducing stress, preventing abuse and neglect, and enhancing family preservation.

Respite can take many different forms.

  • In-home services
  • Center based
  • Overnight
  • Weekend care
  • Recreation activities or camps
  • Just a friendly visit to provide a social opportunity for you or a loved one.
  • Most importantly, that break you take ensures you and your family's stability.

How can Lifespan Respite help you?

  • Lifespan Respite will provide you with respite-related information.
  • Lifespan Respite can refer you to qualified respite care providers.
  • Lifespan Respite can be a resource to locate financial assistance for respite needs.
  • Lifespan Respite can also coordinate recruitment and training for respite providers.

How can you become involved with Lifespan Respite?

Lifespan Respite is designed and driven by local community partners and family caregivers.
If you would like to volunteer, become a respite care provider, or are someone in need of respite, just give us a call.


For information please call 541-821-8764

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Funding provided by:

Grants and Donations
United Way of Jackson County

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